Can You Top This?

By Will Tracz

Be careful what you wish for. How was your trip to ICSE this year? I wanted to get to ICSE in worst way. Little did I know my wish would come true!

It all started when Microsoft PowerPoint decided that all the fonts on the slides I had prepared were now in Helvetica font even though they looked like Times Roman when I previewed them (because they were Times Roman the previous day). Then, Cleveland Air traffic controllers came up with the idea that Saturday night would be a nice night to cancel all flights, which meant a 6:20 A.M. flight out on Sunday (yawn), and missing the keynote speaker at the Symposium on Software Reusability.

My eventual arrival at Logan was complemented by a lack of taxis (because the flight arrived early). Of course the traffic jam due to construction on the ride in only complemented my journey. But the frosting on the cake came when a protruding screw on the door of the cab attacked me and tore a 5" x 1" hole in my suit pants.

Now, it was a hot day in Boston on Sunday, but the new ventilation system in the seat of my pants was not quite the fashion statement I was trying to make (and yes, standing in line, waiting for my room key seemed to take a very long time:-).

I could go on with the problems we had with the computer we were using to produce WOW, but what I really want to do is to invite you to share your ICSE travel nightmare. Drop it off in the WOW Suggestion Box or contact a WOW staff member. Your fellow attendees will appreciate it!