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ICSE 97 webmaster, website design
Roy Fielding
ICSE 97 web content
Roy Fielding, Neno Medvidovic, and Kari Nies.
Local arrangements info
Robert A. (Bob) Morris
Student volunteers program
Kevin Sullivan and David Coppit
Italian mirror
Alfonso Fuggetta and Giovanni Vigna.
Server Software
Apache Group
Some of the information presented in these web pages has been collected from other conferences and, in particular, from the web sites for ICSE-17 in Seattle and ICSE-18 in Berlin. This includes input from the following people:
David Rosenblum
Created the original ICSE-17 webspace which seeded this collection.
Friedrich Schön and Christopher Lott,
Webmasters for ICSE-18, provided the original (b&w) ICSE logo and the original ICSE Bibliography page.
Michael J. Muller, Bonnie Nardi, Michael J. Tauber, and numerous people in the CHI community.
Developed the CHI 96 publications format that we reused.

1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
Last modified: 10 May 1997