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May 8
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Coffee Break (Foyer & Plaza Foyer)

Session 10.1T:
Program Analysis

Whole Program Path-Based Dynamic Impact Analysis; J. Law, G. Rothermel

Precise Dynamic Slicing Algorithms; X. Zhang, R. Gupta, Y. Zhang

An Empirical Study of Predicate Dependence Levels and Trends; D. Binkley, M. Harman

Session 10.2T:
Software Architecture I

Comparison of two Component Frameworks: The FIPA-Compliant Multi-Agent System and the Web-Centric J2EE Platform; M. Casagni, M. Lyell

Design Pattern Rationale Graphs: Linking Design to Source; E. Baniassad, G. Murphy, C. Schwanninger

A Component Architecture for an Extensible, Highly Integrated Context-Aware Computing Infrastructure; W. Griswold, R. Boyer, S. Brown, T. Truong

Session 10.3E:
Course Delivery and Evaluation

Evaluating Individual Contribution Toward Group Software Engineering Projects; J. Hayes, T. Lethbridge, D. Port

On The Supervision and Assessment Of Part-Time Postgraduate Software Engineering Projects; A. Simpson, A. Martin, J. Gibbons, J. Davies, S. McKeever

Using a Web-Based Project Process Throughout the Software Engineering Curriculum; D. Bagert, S. Mengel

Session 10.4X:
Process and Tools

About the Development of a Point of Sale System: an Experience Report; S. Berner

Effective Experience Repositories for Software Engineering; K. Schneider and J. von Hunnius

The Software Engineering Impacts of Cultural Factors on Multi-cultural Software Development Teams; G. Borchers

Lunch (Grand Ballroom I & II)

Session 11.1T:
Formal Methods II

A Compositional Formalization of Connector Wrappers; B. Spitznagel, D. Garlan

Modular Verification of Software Components in C; S. Chaki, E. Clarke, A. Groce, S. Jha, H. Veith

Architectural Interaction Diagrams: AIDs for System Modeling; A. Ray, R. Cleaveland

Session 11.2T:
Software Understanding

Hipikat: Recommending Pertinent Software Artifacts; D. Cubranic, G. Murphy

Toward an Understanding of the Motivation of Open Source Software Developers; Y. Ye, K. Kishida

Tools for Understanding the Behavior of Telecommunication Systems; A. Marburger, B. Westfechtel

Session 11.3E:
Process and Methodology

Beyond the Personal Software Process: Metrics Collection and Analysis for the Differently Disciplined; P. Johnson, H. Kou, J. Agustin, C. Chan, C. Moore, J. Miglani

Teaching Contract Programming Concepts to Future Software Engineers; D. Ross

Empowering Software Engineers in Human-Centered Design; A. Seffah

Session 11.4X:
Software Architecture II

Why Can't They Create Architecture Models Like "Developer X"? An Experience Report; G. Fairbanks

The Co-Evolution of a Hype and a Software Architecture: Experience of Component-Producing Large-Scale EJB Early Adopters; L. Prechelt and Daniel Hutzel

Quantifying the Value of Architecture Design Decisions: Lessons from the Field; M. Moore, R. Kazman, Mark Klein, J. Asundi

Coffee Break (Foyer & Plaza Foyer)

Session 12.1T:
Consistency Management and Quality Assurance

Palantir: Raising Awareness among Configuration Management Workspaces; A. Sarma, Z. Noroozi, A. van der Hoek

Consistency Management with Repair Actions; C. Nentwich, W. Emmerich, A. Finkelstein

Automated Support for Classifying Software Failure Reports; A. Podgurski, D. Leon, P. Francis, W. Masri, M. Minch, J. Sun

Session 12.2:
Frontiers of Software Practice

Cybersecurity: What are Best Practices;
Richard Kemmerer

Session 12.3:
Component Software

Panel: Modularity in the New Millenium: A Discussion,
Chair: Prem Devanbu, UC Davis

Session 12.4X:
Testing and Fault Correction

Assessing Test-Driven Development at IBM; E. Maximilien, L. Williams

An Analysis of the Fault Correction Process in a Large-Scale SDL Production Model; W. Zage, D. Zage

Requirements Discovery During the Testing of Safety-Critical Software; R. Lutz, C. Mikulski

Closing Ceremonies (Ballroom I)