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May 6, 2003
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Welcome by the ICSE General Chair, L. Clarke, and Program Co-Chairs, L. Dillon and W. Tichy
Coffee Break (Foyer & Plaza Foyer)

Session 2.1T:
Component Technologies

Pluggable Reflection: Decoupling Meta-Interface and Implementation; D. Lorenz, J. Vlissides

Component Rank: Relative Significance Rank for Software Component Search; K. Inoue, R. Yokomori, H. Fujiwara, T. Yamamoto, M. Matsushita, S. Kusumoto

Vienna Component Framework: Enabling Composition Across Component Models; J. Oberleitner, T. Gschwind, M. Jazayeri

Session 2.2T:
Testing I

Constructing Test Suites for Interaction Testing; M. Cohen, P. Gibbons, W. Mugridge, C. Colbourn

Improving Web Application Testing with User Session Data; S. Elbaum, S. Karre, G. Rothermel

Improving Test Suites via Operational Abstraction; M. Harder, M. Ernst

Session 2.3E:
Extreme Programming

Introducing Software Engineering by means of Extreme Programming; L. Bendix, G. Hedin, B. Magnusson

eXtreme Programming at Universities -- An Educational Perspective; J. Schneider, L. Johnston

Panel: eXtreme Programming: Helpful or Harmful?

Session 2.4X:
Case Studies

Fault-tolerance in a Distributed Management System: a Case Study; R. Smeikal, K. Goeschka

The Deployer's Problem: Configuring Application Servers for Performance and Reliability; M. Raghavachari, D. Reimer, R. Johnson

From Scenarios to Code: An Air Traffic Control Case Study; J. Whittle, R. Kwan, J. Saboo

Session 2.5:
Demos: Tools for Software Development

XVCL - XML-based Variant Configuration Language

Architecture Level Risk Assessment Tool Based on UML Specifications

CLIME: An Environment for Constrained Evolution

Lunch (Grand Ballroom I & II)

Session 3.1T:
Empirical Studies I

Using Benchmarking to Advance Research: A Challenge to Software Engineering; S. Sim, S. Easterbrook, R. Holt

An Empirical Study of an Informal Knowledge Repository in a Medium-Sized Software Consulting Company; T. Dingsøyr, E. Røyrvik

End-User Software Engineering with Assertions in the Spreadsheet Paradigm; M. Burnett, C. Cook, O. Pendse, G. Rothermel, J. Summet, C. Wallace

Session 3.2:
Frontiers of Software Practice

Component Technology - What, Where, and How?;
Clemens Szyperski

Session 3.3E:
Undergraduate Education

The Impact of Pair Programming on Student Performance and Pursuit of Computer Science Related Majors; H. Bullock, J. Fernald, C. McDowell, L. Werner

Positive Experiences with an Open Project Assignment in an Introductory Programming Course; G. Sindre, S. Line, O. Valvag

Problems and Programmers: An Educational Software Engineering Card Game; A. Baker, E. Oh, A. van der Hoek

Session 3.4X:
Automotive Software Engineering

Software Technology in an Automotive Company - Major Challenges; K. Grimm

Panel: Automotive Software Engineering,
Chair: M. Broy

Session 3.5:
Demos: Support for JAVA Programming

Java Program Analysis Projects in Osaka University

JIVE: Visualizing Java in Action

FEAT: A Tool for Locating, Describing, and Analyzing Concerns in Source Code

Coffee Break (Foyer & Plaza Foyer)

Session 4.1T:
Design Recovery and Documentation

On the Uniformity of Software Evolution Patterns; E. Barry, C. Kemerer, S. Slaughter

Design Recovery of Interactive Graphical Applications; K. Chan, Z. Lian, A. Michail

Recovering Documentation to Source Code Traceability Links using Latent Semantic Indexing; A. Marcus, J. Maletic

Session 4.2T:
Formal Methods I

Computer-Assisted Assume/Guarantee Reasoning With VeriSoft; J. Dingel

Architecture, Design, Implementation; A. Eden, R. Kazman

Cadena: An Integrated Development, Analysis, and Verification Environment for Component-Based Systems; J. Hatcliff, W. Deng, M. Dwyer, G. Jung, V. Ranganath

Session 4.3:
Empirical Studies

Panel: Empirical Validation: What, Why, When, Where;
Chair: Rob Walker, U Calgary

Session 4.4X:
Process Analysis and Improvement

Experiences on Defining and Evaluating an Adapted Review Process; T. Barth, T. Gantner

Towards Systematic Recycling of Systems Requirements; N. Heumesser, F. Houdek

Tricks and Traps of Initiating a Product Line Concept in Existing Products; C. Ebert, M. Smouts

Session 4.5:
Demos: Visual Aids

Embedded Architect: A Tool for Early Performance Evaluation of Embedded Software

An Effective Layout Adaptation Technique for a Graphical Modeling Tool

Source Viewer 3D (sv3D) - A Framework for Software Visualization

Reception (Grand Ballroom I & II)
SIGSOFT/TCSE General Meeting (Broadway II-IV)
Birds-of-a-Feather: IEEE-CS/ACM Computing Curricula for Software Engineering (CCS)).