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May 7
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Track 3:
Track 4:
Opening Remarks, L. Dillon
Presentation of the IEEE Computer Society's Harlan D. Mills Award to Victor R. Basili (presenters: Karl Reed and Gene Hoffnagle)
Keynote: Must There Be So Few? Including Women in CS, Joanne McGrath Cohoon
Coffee Break (Foyer & Plaza Foyer)

Session 6.1T:
Software Design

DADO: Enhancing Middleware to Support Cross-Cutting Features in Distributed, Heterogeneous Systems; E. Wohlstadter, S. Jackson, P. Devanbu

Scaling Step-Wise Refinement; D. Batory, J. Sarvela, A. Rauschmayer

Sound Methods and Effective Tools for Engineering Modeling and Analysis; D. Coppit, K. Sullivan

Session 6.2T:
Testing II

Fragment Class Analysis for Testing of Polymorphism in Java Software; A. Rountev, A. Milanova, B. Ryder

A Framework for Component Deployment Testing; A. Bertolino, A. Polini

Data Flow Testing as Model Checking; H. Hong, S. Cha, I. Lee, O. Sokolsky, H. Ural

Session 6.3:
Software Engineering Education

Panel: Software Engineering Undergraduate Education - Pro and Con,
Chair: Dewayne E. Perry.

Session 6.4:
Software Engineering Research

Mini-Tutorial: Writing Good Software Engineering Research Papers; Mary Shaw, Carnegie Mellon University. (Slides from this talk are available here).

Lunch (Grand Ballroom I & II)

Session 7.1T:
Software Process

New Directions on Agile Methods: A Comparative Analysis; P. Abrahamsson, J. Warsta, M. Siponen, J. Ronkainen

Efficient Authoring of Software Documentation Using RaPiD7; R. Kylmakoski

Using Process Technology to Control and Coordinate Software Adaptation; G. Valetto, G. Kaiser

Session 7.2:
Frontiers of Software Practice

Patterns, Frameworks, and Middleware: Their Synergistic Relationship;
Douglas Schmidt

Session 7.3T:
Empirical Studies II

Understanding and Predicting Effort in Software Projects; A. Mockus, D. Weiss, P. Zhang

Cost Estimation for Web Applications; M. Ruhe, R. Jeffery, I. Wieczorek

Evaluating the Quality of Information Models: Empirical Testing of a Conceptual Model Quality Framework; D. Moody, G. Sindre, T. Brasethvik, A. Solvberg

Session 7.4:
Demos: Architectures and Tools

A Tool for Design Recovery of Interactive Graphical Applications

Trustworthy and Sustainable Operations in Marine Environments

xChek: A Model Checker for Multi-Valued Reasoning

Coffee Break (Foyer & Plaza Foyer)
Awards Session

SIGSOFT Outstanding Research and Distinguished Service Awards (presenter: Alex Wolf);
2003 IEEE Fellows (presenter: Karl Reed);
Recognition Award from Journal of Systems and Software to Robert Glass (presenter: D. N. Card);
Software Process Achievement Award (presenter: William Riddle);
Most Influential Paper Award from ICSE 15 (presenter: Dewayne Perry);
Presentation by Most Influential Paper Awardees: Viewpoints: Meaningful Relationships are Difficult! B. Nuseibeh, J. Kramer, and A. Finkelstein

Demo and Poster Sessions
Reception (Pavilion & Plaza Foyer)