Speaker Biography

Dr. Schmidt is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. His research focuses on design patterns, implementation, and experimental analysis of object-oriented techniques that facilitate the development of high-performance, real-time distributed object computing middleware on parallel processing platforms running over high-speed networks and embedded system interconnects. Dr. Schmidt is an internationally recognized expert on distributed object computing patterns, middleware frameworks, and Real-time CORBA and has published widely in top IEEE, ACM, IFIP, and USENIX technical journals, conferences, and books.

In addition to his academic research, Dr. Schmidt has over a decade of experience building object-oriented communication systems. He is the chief architect and developer of the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE), which is a widely used, freely-available object-oriented framework that contains a rich set of components that implement design patterns for high-performance and real-time communication systems. Dr. Schmidt has successfully used ACE on large-scale projects at many companies. These projects involve telecommunications systems, medical imaging systems, real-time avionic systems, and distributed interactive simulation systems. Dr. Schmidt and the members of his research group in the Center for Distributed Object Computing are currently using ACE to develop a high performance, real-time CORBA ORB endsystem called TAO (The ACE ORB).