The 3rd Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering

	International Conference on Software Engineering 2003

		   May 3, 2003 (Subject to change)
			Portland, Oregon, USA

Building on the success of the 1st and 2nd Workshops on Open Source
Software Engineering (hosted at ICSE 2001 and ICSE 2002), the 3rd
workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners for the
purpose of discussing the diverse array of techniques  as well as
supporting tools and social/organizational contexts  which can be
observed in the domain of open source software (OSS).

Despite the constantly growing body of research on OSS, our knowledge
of the open source family of software engineering processes is far
from complete, a point raised repeatedly by the participants of the
2nd workshop in this series. To address this knowledge gap, we are
seeking position papers for the 3rd workshop that bring to the table
empirical descriptions and/or theoretically grounded discussions of:

- OSS tool kits and their use in addressing both general and OSS
  specific software engineering challenges,
- techniques (both successful and not) utilized at any stage in the
  software engineering life-cycle within OSS projects,
- social and organizational structures that support the effective and
  efficient use of these tools and techniques.

Participants will be encouraged to address the tools, techniques and
structures that are involved in critical software engineering
activities such as requirements elicitation; systems analysis and
design; leadership, management and decision making; coordination and
collaboration; configuration management and version contol; testing,
validation and quality assurance; release management; debugging;
system evolution; documentation and support; translation and
localization, etc.

How to Submit Position Papers:

Position papers should be submitted in PDF format to Your paper must conform to the ICSE proceedings
publication format (see and
should not exceed five pages, including all text, references,
appendices, and figures.

Submission Due Dates:

* Submission Date:         February 15, 2003
* Accceptance/rejection:   March 1, 2003
* Camera-ready Copy:       April 1, 2003

Review Process:

Submitted papers will be reviewed by the workshop committee, and
blindly-reviewed by relevant subject area experts if
required. Accepted papers will appear in the printed workshop
proceedings and be posted to the workshop website for pre-workshop
dissemination and post-workshop reference. Authors of accepted
position papers will be given priority for workshop registration,
provided they register by March 15, 2003. After March 15 workshop
registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Selected
authors of accepted position papers will be asked to deliver
mini-presentations during the workshop.

Organizing/Programme Committee:

- Dr. Joseph Feller (Committee Chair), University College Cork,
- Prof. Brian Fitzgerald, University of Limerick, Ireland,
- Scott Hissam, Software Engineering Institute, USA,
- Karim Lakhani, MIT Sloan School of Management/Boston Consulting
  Group, USA,