ICSE Student Volunteer Schedule

Student Name: ______________________________

University: _________________________________

Instructions: Identify 8 time slots you would be able to volunteer in order of preference. You will be asked to work about 20 hours (4 or 5 time slots). Please look at the ICSE schedule to see if there are any talks, tutorials or workshops you would like to attend. (Note that times on May 2 are for setup and preparation.) To attend a workshop or tutorial, you must be selected to work for that workshop or tutorial. Please write in the program sessions, workshops or tutorials you would like to attend.
Morning, (8:00-13:00) Afternoon, (12:30-17:30) Evening, (17:00-21:30)
Fri, May 2
Sat, May 3
Sun, May 4
Mon, May 5
    Not Available.
Tue, May 6
Wed, May 7
Thu, May 8
Fri, May 9
    Not Available.
Sat, May 10
    Not Available.

Signature: ______________________________________      Date: ___________________

Please sign and date this form and fax it to Dr. Raffo at 001-503-725-5850.