Tutorial Proposals


The ICSE tutorial program provides conference participants with the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge, and skills in a broad range of areas of software engineering. Participants at the tutorials include software practitioners, managers, teachers, researchers, and students seeking to gain a better understanding of software engineering.


We are soliciting proposals for full-day (6-hour) or half-day (3-hour) tutorials. A tutorial can cover a wide range of topics, from practical techniques, guidelines, standards, and surveys, to theoretical issues. We encourage tutorials that reflect the conference themes and provide clear utility to practitioners. The topics are not limited to past ICSE tutorial offerings. We also encourage, where justified by the complexity of the subject matter, tutorials offered in two forms: introductory, and advanced. Offerers should clearly indicate such paired submissions, and describe how the submissions are related. For example, introductory tutorials might cover the same material in a more elementary way, or might cover material that is prerequisite to the subject of the advanced tutorial. Introductory/Advanced paired tutorials should otherwise be independent of each other, however. In particular, either or both such tutorials may be accepted. Tutorials are intended to provide independent instruction on a topic of relevance to software engineers. Therefore no commercial or sales-oriented presentations will be accepted. Potential presenters should keep in mind that there may be quite a varied audience, including novice graduate students, seasoned practitioners, and specialized researchers. They should be prepared to cope with this diversity unless they make clear that the tutorial is oriented to a particular subgroup. Also bear in mind that not everyone will have English as their first language. Thus, presenters should provide comprehensive notes written in clear, standard English. Idioms, irony, slang and culture-specific references should be avoided as far as possible.

Review Process

The Tutorial Committee will evaluate each tutorial proposal on its anticipated benefit for prospective participants and its fit within the tutorial program as a whole. Factors to be considered also include: relevance, timeliness, importance, and audience appeal; suitability for presentation in a half- or full-day tutorial format; effectiveness of teaching methods; and past experience and qualifications of the instructors.

Topics of Interest

In general, topics relevant to all aspects of software engineering will be considered. In particular, the following topics may be of special interest to conference attendees:

How to Submit

Submission is closed as of October 4, 2002.

In brief, the tutorial proposal should include a title, proposer's contact information, tutorial aims and objectives, duration (full- or half-day), purpose and scope, and summary of material to be covered. The format of tutorial proposals (ten pages or fewer each) may be:


Each accepted tutorial will have two pages for a summary in the conference proceedings. This summary must conform to the ICSE 2003 paper format and should not exceed two pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures. The final camera-ready copy and copyright release form are due: TBA.

Tutorial Reimbursement

Reimbursement for half-day tutorials is $350. Full-day tutorials are reimbursed at $700. In addition, actual travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed up to $1000 per tutorial with a limit of two nights lodging. Reimbursement and travel expenses must be shared among the speakers if two or more speakers present the tutorial. Conference fees are not waived for tutorial presenters.

Important Dates

Proposals Due:                       October 4, 2002  (Closed)
Notification of acceptance:    December 2, 2002
Camera-ready copy:               TBA

Contact Information

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