Workshop and Co-Located Event Proposals

Co-located events and workshops will be held during the two days that follow the ICSE technical program. These events differ from the ICSE technical program in that papers may be position statements or abstracts, rather than full technical conference papers, in software engineering or peripherally related fields; presentations may be more informal and interactive; and discussion groups may be smaller.

Co-Located Events

Co-located events can be established events that are separate from ICSE but are organized to coincide with ICSE, in order to attract cross-over attendees and to share expenses.   They can also be high-profile ICSE events that are likely to appeal to a broad audience, but may deviate from the traditional ICSE Workshop format (e.g., the Doctoral Workshop, the International Summits on SE Professionalism (SSEP) and Education (SSEE), the Parnas Symposium).  If you are interested in organizing a co-located event, please contact the Co-Chairs of ICSE Workshop and Co-Located Events as soon as possible.  Their contact information appears at the bottom of this page.

ICSE Workshops

ICSE workshops are forums for small groups to engage in intellectual discussions that aim to advance the state of software engineering research and practice or to discover connections between software engineering and other research disciplines.  Workshops are not forums for full research papers.


A workshop is either open or closed. An open workshop will accept any participant up to the agreed enrollment limit for the workshop.  Participation in a closed workshop will be by invitation only, typically on the basis of a submitted position paper. Registration in the closed workshops will be limited to those on lists of invited participants provided to ICSE 2003 by the workshop organizers.

ICSE workshops are not mini-conferences, in which formal presentations dominate. At least half of the time should be devoted to discussion.  To foster dialog, the ideal workshop size is twenty participants. Workshop sizes can range as high as forty, but at the cost of limiting the opportunities to engage all participants in meaningful discussions.


ICSE workshops are held before and after the main conference. They are one, one and a half, or two days long.  Prospective workshop organizers may indicate in their proposals any scheduling preferences they have, but the acceptance of a workshop proposal does not guarantee that the requested times will be accommodated. Scheduling and other constraints might in some cases require that actual workshop dates and durations be changed.  We assume that submitters are available to run workshops on any of the days that ICSE has scheduled for workshops.


The Workshop Committee will review each proposal. Acceptance will be based on an evaluation of the potential to advance the state of software engineering research and/or practice, expected level of interest in the topic, the organizers' ability to lead a successful workshop, and the need of ICSE 2003 to achieve balance and synergy in its workshop and other offerings.  Organizers of workshops on similar topics may be asked to join forces and jointly offer a merged workshop.


ICSE 2003 will publish pre-workshop summaries in the ICSE Proceedings. ICSE 2003 will also work with workshop organizers to produce informal proceedings for each workshop, to be distributed to workshop attendees.  If workshop organizers which to produce published proceedings, they must make these arrangments and budget for the additional cost independently.


Workshop organizers will be responsible for setting their registration fees high enough to cover lunches and breaks and to cover the cost of printing their informal proceedings, if any.  Organizers will be provided with a budget template to assist with their financial planning and will only need to fill out a shortened version of the ACM/IEEE technical meeting request form (TMRF).  ICSE 2003 will not pay for registration, travel, or other arrangements for workshop organizers or for any of their invited guests.  All participants in workshops must register.

How to Submit

Submission is closed as of October 4, 2002.

If you are having problems submitting a paper electronically over the Internet, please see the If You Have Submission Problems page.

Workshop proposals should be submitted in two parts, each one no longer than one page, and each in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF):


Each accepted workshop will have two pages for a summary in the conference proceedings. This summary must conform to the ICSE 2003 paper format and should not exceed two pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures.

The final camera-ready copy and signed copyright release form are due TBA. Each workshop will also produce a post-workshop report. These reports are due TBA.

Important Dates

Proposals Due   October 4, 2002 (Closed)
Notification   December 10, 2002
Workshop CFP Due   TBA
Final Two-Page Workshop Summary   TBA
Invitations to Participants   TBA
Workshop Proceedings Due   TBA
Workshop Summary Due   TBA