ICSE 2003 Paper Format Instructions and Templates


The following instructions and templates pertain to all technical papers, software education and training papers, and experience reports to be submitted to ICSE 2003.

These instructions and templates also pertain to all camera-ready materials accepted for inclusion in the ICSE 2003 Proceedings, including technical papers, software education and training papers, experience reports, tutorial and workshop summaries, panel summaries, doctoral symposia report summaries, and demo or poster summaries.

You should also refer to the pages pertaining to individual submission types for additional instructions.

instruct.pdf Formatting instructions (PDF)
IEEE_CS_Latex.zip Latex template and style files
IEEE_CS_Word.doc Word template

(These are the official IEEE proceedings templates and instructions. The originals can be found at ftp://pubftp.computer.org/Press/Outgoing/proceedings/.)

You may use any document preparation tools that you wish, but please ensure that your contribution is formatted in conformance to the instructions provided above.

Contributions must not exceed 11 pages for technical papers, 6 pages for education and training papers and experience reports, 2 pages for camera-ready workshop, tutorial, panel, and doctoral symposia summaries, and 1 page for camera-ready poster or demo summaries.

For technical papers, software education and training papers, and experience reports, the above format is the same format required for initial submission, with one exception. Technical papers, formerly limited to 10 pages, may now use up to 11 in their camera-ready form.