Formal Demos
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Research demonstrations enable participants to view research systems in action and to discuss these systems with their creators. The demonstrations show early, non-commercial implementations of novel software engineering concepts.

Wednesday 26th May
Analysis and Visualisation
Chair: Mauro Pezzè, University of Milan Bicocca, ITALY

JDBC Checker: A Static Analysis Tool for SQL/JDBC Applications
Gould, Su & Devanbu

GAMMATELLA: Visualization of Program-Execution Data for Deployed Software
Orso, Jones & Harrold

Thursday 27th May
Design Tools
Chair: Hausi A. Müller, University of Victoria, CANADA

Feature-Oriented Programming and the AHEAD Tool Suite

AcmeStudio: Supporting Style-Centered Architecture Development
Schmerl & Garlan

Design and Implementation of Distributed Crosscutting Features with DADO
Wohlstadter, Jackson & Devanbu

Friday 28th May
Requirements and Specifications
Chair: Betty H.C. Cheng, Michigan State University, USA

The CommUnity Workbench
Oliveira & Wermelinger

Statestep: A Tool for Systematic, Incremental Specification

Requirements Engineering Tools Go Mobile
Seyff, Grünbacher, Maiden & Tosar

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