Technical Sessions
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Wednesday 26th May

Testing I - Chair: Alessandro Orso

Using Simulation to Empirically Investigate Test Coverage Criteria
Lionel Briand, Yvan Labiche & Yunlan Wang

Automated Generation of Test Programs From Closed Specifications of Classes and Test Cases
Wee Kheng Leow, Siau Cheng Khoo & Yi Sun

Bi-Criteria Models for All-Uses Test Suite Reduction
Jennifer Black, Emanuel Melachrinoudis & David Kaeli

Patterns and Frameworks - Chair: André van der Hoek

The Dublo Architecture Pattern for Smooth Migration of Business Information Systems
Wilhelm Hasselbring, Ralf Reussner, Holger Jaekel, Jürgen Schlegelmilch, Thorsten Teschke & Stefan Krieghoff

Comparison of Software Product Line Design Methods: COPA, FAST, FORM, KobrA and QADA
Mari Matinlassi

Oil and Water? High Performance Garbage Collection in Java with JMTk
Stephen Blackburn, Perry Cheng & Kathryn McKinley

Requirements - Chair: Jean-Marc Jezequel

Eliciting Security Requirements by Construction of Intentional Anti-Models
Axel van Lamsweerde

Theme: An Approach for Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design
Elisa Baniassad & Siobhan Clarke

Visual Timed Event Scenarios
Victor Braberman, Alejandra Alfonso, Nicolas Kisillof & Alfredo Olivero

Quality of Service - Chair: Carlo Ghezzi

Precise Service Level Agreements
James Skene, Davide Lamanna & Wolfgang Emmerich

GlueQoS: Middleware to Sweeten Quality-of-Service Policy Interactions
Eric Wohlstadter, Stefan Tai, Thomas Mikalsen, Isabelle Rouvellou & Premkumar Devanbu

An Empirical Study of Software Reuse vs. Reliability and Stability
Parastoo Mohagheghi, Reidar Conradi, Ole M. Killi & Henrik Schwarz

Verification - Chair: Michael Ernst

Verifying DAML+OIL and Beyond in Z/EVES
Jin Song Dong, Chew Hung Lee, Yuan Fang Li & Hai Wang

Assume-guarantee Verification of Source Code with Design-Level Assumptions
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Corina Pasareanu & Jamieson Cobleigh

Compositional Verification of Middleware-Based Software Architecture Descriptions
Patrizio Pelliccione, Paola Inverardi & Mauro Caporuscio

Unified Modeling Language - Chair: Kokichi Futatsugi

The Evaluation of Large, Complex UML Analysis and Design Models
Brian Berenbach

Revisiting Statechart Synthesis with an Algebraic Approach
Tewfik Ziadi, Loic Helouet & Jean-Marc Jézéquel

Precise Specification of Design Patterns in UML
Jeffrey K. H. Mak, Clifford S. T. Choy & Daniel P. K. Lun

Empirical Methods - Chair: Neil Maiden

Team-based Fault Content Estimation in the Software Inspection Process
Thomas Thelin

Evidence-based Software Engineering
Barbara Kitchenham, Tore Dybå & Magne Jørgensen

Feature-Based Software Engineering -
Chair: Jim Whitehead

SNIAFL: Towards a Static Non-Interactive Approach to Feature Location
Wei Zhao, Lu Zhang, Yin Liu, Jiasu Sun & Fuqing Yang

Feature-Based Decomposition of Inductive Proofs Applied to Real-Time Avionics Software
Vu Ha, Murali Rangarajan, Darren Cofer, Harald Ruess & Bruno Dutertre

Thursday 27th May

Testing II - Chair: John C. Knight

Applications of Data Versioning in Database Application Development
Ramkrishna Chatterjee, Gopalan Arun, Sanjay Agarwal, Ben Speckhard & Ramesh Vasudevan

Generating Tests from Counterexamples
Adam Chlipala, Thomas Henzinger, Ranjit Jhala & Rupak Majumdar

Automated Support for Development, Maintenance, and Testing in the Presence of Implicit Control Flow
Saurabh Sinha, Alessandro Orso & Mary Jean Harrold

Software Architecture I - Chair: Volker Gruhn

Towards Safe Distributed Application Development
Patrick Eugster, Christian Damm & Rachid Guerraoui

Design of Large-Scale Polylingual Systems
Mark Grechanik, Don Batory & Dewayne Perry

A Hybrid Architectural Style for Distributed Parallel Processing of Generic Data Streams
Alexandre Francois

Process and Project Management - Chair: Philippe Kruchten

Breaking the Ice for Agile Development of Embedded Software
Peter Manhart & Kurt Schneider

Unifying Artifacts and Activities in a Visual Tool for Distributed Software Development Teams
Jon Froehlich & Paul Dourish

Making Resource Decisions for Software Projects
Norman Fenton, William Marsh, Martin Neil, Patrick Cates, Simon Forey & Manesh Tailor

Decentralized Systems - Chair: Cecilia Mascolo

Using Event-Based Translation to Support Dynamic Protocol Evolution
Nathan Ryan & Alexander Wolf

Efficient Decentralized Monitoring of Safety in Distributed Systems
Koushik Sen, Abhay Vardhan, Gul Agha & Grigore Rosu

Extending the Representational State Transfer (REST) Architectural Style for Decentralized Systems
Rohit Khare & Richard Taylor

Analysis Tools - Chair: Lori Clarke

Validating the Unit Correctness of Spreadsheet Programs
Tudor Antoniu, Paul Steckler, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Erich Neuwirth & Matthias Felleisen

A Tool for Writing and Debugging Algebraic Specifications
Johannes Henkel & Amer Diwan

Skoll: Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance
Atif M. Memon, Adam Porter, Cemal Yilmaz, Adithya Nagarajan, Douglas C. Schmidt & Bala Natarajan

Dynamic Analysis - Chair: Andreas Zeller

DiscoTect: A System for Discovering Architectures from Running Systems
Hong Yan, David Garlan & Bradley Schmerl

Finding Latent Code Errors via Machine Learning over Program Executions
Yuriy Brun & Michael Ernst

An Empirical Comparison of Dynamic Impact Analysis Algorithms
Alessandro Orso, Taweesup Apiwattanapong, James Law, Gregg Rothermel & Mary Jean Harrold

Friday 28th May

Slicing - Chair: Mary Jean Harrold

Efficient Forward Computation of Dynamic Slices Using Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
Xiangyu Zhang, Rajiv Gupta & Youtao Zhang

Using Compressed Bytecode Traces for Slicing Java Programs
Tao Wang & Abhik Roychoudhury

A Fast Assembly Level Reverse Execution Method via Dynamic Slicing
Tankut Akgul, Vincent Mooney & Santosh Pande

Software Architecture II - Chair: Nazim H. Madhavji

Polyphony in Architecture
Bas van der Raadt, Jasper Soetendal, Michiel Perdeck & Hans van Vliet

Architecting in the Face of Uncertainty: An Experience Report
Ian Gorton & Jereme Haack

Using Web Service Technologies to Create an Information Broker
Mark Turner, Fujun Zhu, Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, Michelle Russell, David Budgen, Keith Bennett, Pearl Brereton, John Keane, Paul Layzell & Michael Rigby

Software Configuration Management and Deployment - Chair: Alexander Wolf

Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes
Thomas Zimmermann, Peter Weissgerber, Stephan Diehl & Andreas Zeller

An Experimental, Pluggable Infrastructure for Modular Configuration Management Policy Composition
Ronald van der Lingen & Andre van der Hoek

Imposing a Memory Management Discipline on Software Deployment
Eelco Dolstra, Eelco Visser & Merijn de Jonge

Dynamic Reconfiguration - Chair: Wolfgang Emmerich

An Open Framework for Dynamic Reconfiguration
Jamie Hillman & Ian Warren

Dynamic Configuration of Resource-Aware Services
Vahe Poladian, David Garlan, Mary Shaw & Joao Sousa

Autonomous Adaptation to Dynamic Availability Using a Service-Oriented Component Model
Humberto Cervantes & Richard Hall

Static Analysis - Chair: Mary Lou Soffa

DMS: Program Transformations for Practical Scalable Software Evolution
Ira Baxter, Christopher Pidgeon & Michael Mehlich

Heuristic-Based Model Refinement for FLAVERS
Jianbin Tan, George Avrunin & Lori Clarke

Static Checking of Dynamically Generated Queries in Database Applications
Carl Gould & Zhendong Su & Premkumar Devanbu

Object-Oriented Programming - Chair: Harold Ossher

Evaluating Object-Oriented Designs with Link Analysis
Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, Spiros Xanthos & George Stephanides

Responsibilities and Rewards: Reasoning About Design Patterns
Neelam Soundarajan & Jason Hallstrom

Programming with Traits
Andrew Black & Nathanael Schärli

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