ICSE '05

> Special thanks go out to everyone who helped make ICSE 2005 a success!
> ICSE 2005 enjoyed an unprecedented level of corporate support. A total of $212,000 in external funding was raised to keep fees low and to support a great conference.
> Overall attendance at all events was 1100, 768 for the conference proper
> The IT Summit attracted 97 attendees


(ACM Digital Library)



 Software Everywhere

Software permeates every aspect of our society—at home and at work, in business and for pleasure, to support our daily chores, and to plan and manage our future. We increasingly expect it to be available, reliable, safe, secure, and usable, despite our own mobility, unpredictability, and changing needs.

The development of such software poses increasing challenges for software engineering teams, who are themselves distributed, perhaps mobile, have varied skills, and often speak varied languages. The discipline of software engineering must address these challenges through the development and refinement of new techniques, practices, and tools that build upon sound engineering principles. Moreover, the ubiquity of software means that the discipline of software engineering is also extending. A software engineering team must think of software not only as a mathematical description or a product, but also as a service, a commodity, or even as a user experience.

ICSE is the premier software engineering conference, providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, and concerns in the field of software engineering.

ICSE-2005 will be held in the USA's heartland, St. Louis Missouri, in the elegant setting of the Adams Mark Hotel on the Mississippi riverfront and in the shadow of a monumental engineering feat, the St. Louis Arch. The conference will offer an exciting program of events, including keynote talks by leaders in the field, invited presentations along specialized themes, tutorials, workshops, and presentations of technical papers on innovative research, the cutting edge of practice, and new developments in software engineering education. It will also explicitly reach out to other disciplines that impact upon or benefit from software engineering, and to local communities that can benefit from and contribute to the field. The main program will be complemented by an array of social events, providing further opportunities for informal networking.