ICSE 97 Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium Chair:
Michal Young, Purdue University (USA)

The ICSE 97 Doctoral Consortium is a one day workshop prior to the regular ICSE technical conference. The goal of the doctoral consortium is to publicly discuss research goals, methods, and results at an early enough stage in Ph.D. research to provide useful guidance in completion of the dissertation research and initiation of a research career. The consortium and ICSE will also provide an opportunity for student participants to interact with established researchers and others in the wider software engineering community.

A limited number of student participants will be offered support in the form of complementary admission to the consortium and ICSE 97.


1 November 1996
5:00 p.m. (17:00) local time at receiving address.

Who should submit?

Student participants should consider participating in the doctoral consortium at least six months before completion of their dissertation, but after having settled on a research area or thesis topic.

Review process

Each prospective student participant will submit a package of materials for consideration by the consortium organizing committee. The committee will select participants on the basis of their anticipated contribution to the workshop goals. Among the criteria that will be considered in reviewing submissions are:

How to submit

To apply as a student participant in the Doctoral Consortium, prepare a submission package consisting of three parts listed below. Each of these parts must be submitted electronically by the listed deadlines; hardcopy submissions will not be accepted.

General Information

Research Abstract

Submit an abstract describing your dissertation research. Your abstract should be at least 2 pages, but not more than 5 pages long, when prepared according to the format guidelines below.

The research abstract should clearly indicate:

Students at relatively early stages of their research will have some difficulty addressing some of these areas. Nonetheless, each prospective student participant should address them as well as possible.

Letter of recommendation

Ask your thesis advisor to submit a letter of recommendation to icse97-phd@cs.purdue.edu. The letter of recommendation must include an assessment of the current status of your thesis research, and an expected date for thesis submission.


The general information packet and letter of recommendation should be plain ASCII text with no markup.

Research abstracts may be submitted in any of the following formats:

Each research abstract must be a single file. Typeset abstracts should be set in 12 point type on a 14 point baseline, with 1 inch margins on all sides. Please note that this format is for initial submissions only.

Upon Acceptance

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be transmitted electronically by 10 December 1996. Hardcopy letters of acceptance (only) and offers of complimentary conference registration will also be mailed by 10 December 1996.

Final versions of thesis abstracts for inclusion in the electronic proceedings are due by 15 February 1997. These abstracts must be prepared according to the ICSE Conference Proceedings format. Signed copyright release forms are also due by 15 February 1997.

Ground Rules

Send To

The general information should be submitted using electronic mail to icse97-phd@cs.purdue.edu by the date listed above under Deadline. The subject line of the email message should be Application. Your packet will be acknowledged within 7 days.

The letter of recommendation should be submitted using electronic mail to icse97-phd@cs.purdue.edu by the date listed above under Deadline. The subject line of the email message should be Recommendation for XXX, where XXX is the name of the student applicant.

The research abstract should be submitted electronically using ftp (preferred) or electronic mail to icse97-phd@cs.purdue.edu. Directions for submitting by ftp and electronic mail can be obtained by sending a message with subject line Instructions to icse97-phd@cs.purdue.edu.

For more information

To contact the ICSE 97 Doctoral Consortium Chair send e-mail to icse97-phd@cs.purdue.edu.
1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
Last modified: 22 Feb 1997