Invitation to Submit and
Submission Categories

ICSE 97 Program Committee

The annual International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) is the leading forum for the exchange of ideas on all aspects of software engineering. ICSE 97 invites you to submit work to share with the ICSE community.

Different classes of contributions are sought, ranging from research papers to lessons and status reports from software engineering organizations. The ultimate goal is to build a rich and comprehensive conference program that can fit the interests and needs of different classes of attendees: professionals, researchers, managers, and students.

Submissions at a Glance: Technical Program

Participation Category Description Deadline
Workshops Discuss focused topic in a small-group setting 15 June 1996
Papers Report research or practical experiences 2 August 1996 (electronic abstract)
9 August 1996 (full paper due)
24 February 1997 (final copy due)
Panels Discuss and debate pressing issues 2 August 1996
Tutorials Teach Software Engineering techniques and theory 2 August 1996
Software Engineering in Organizations:
Lessons and Status Reports
Summaries of work taking place in institutions, organizations, or groups 16 September 1996
Research Demonstrations Present demonstration of research tools 1 November 1996
Doctoral Consortium Ph.D. students share their work 1 November 1996
Posters Present late-breaking results and ongoing work 15 February 1997

Choosing a Participation Category

If you are unsure of which category to submit to, please consult the Program Coordinators or the Co-chairs in charge of specific events you may be interested in.

Multiple and Related Submissions

You may prepare as many submissions as you like in the same or different categories. In a given category, materials should be presented only once.

Reaching the Entire Software Engineering Community

ICSE 97 encourages participation from the entire Software Engineering community in the following ways:

Topic Areas

ICSE 97 encourages submissions from the many perspectives that contribute to the whole of Software Engineering. We particularly encourage papers addressing topics wherein software engineering issues play a key role, but where those topics have not been highlighted in previous ICSEs. We encourage discussions of both the process and outcome of research, design, engineering, development, installation, use, and maintenance. Examples include:

Language of the Conference

In keeping with the international character of ICSE 97, the written and spoken language of the conference is English.


For an ICSE submission to be accepted you must say something significant. All submissions should address the following:



Review Process

All submissions will be reviewed by the technical area Co-Chairs and their committees. Submissions will be evaluated according to accepted ICSE standards of excellence. If you have questions about these standards, please see information in the individual submission categories, retrieve the additional electronic documents mentioned there, or contact one of the Co-Chairs.

If you need further help, please request an ICSE mentor.

Publication: Conference Proceedings

Accepted papers and other material (see details in the various participation categories) will be published in the ICSE 97 Conference Proceedings. The Proceedings is a citable archival source: it will have an ISBN number and will be available for sale through the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.

ICSE Mentoring

Every year ICSE submissions from people unfamiliar with the ICSE community are rejected because authors do not understand the expectations for an ICSE submission. We are consequently missing many interesting viewpoints. If you are not familiar with how to write a good ICSE submission, please ask for a mentor. A mentor is a person who helps you learn something unfamiliar through a personal one-on-one relationship. Ask for a mentor by contacting one of the Program Coordinators through electronic mail, fax, or phone.

If you want to ask for a mentor we will need to hear from you no later than 10 weeks prior to the submission deadline for the chosen category. We highly recommend that you request a mentor even earlier.

You may need a mentor to help you choose a submission category, or to help you figure out how to prepare your submission, or both. The mentor does not prepare the submission for you but helps you do a better job of it yourself. The mentor addresses questions such as, but not limited to:

We expect mentoring will be most useful for participants that have not traditionally contributed to ICSE (e.g., from a particular application domain). However, mentoring is available to any submitter on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that there are no guarantees that participating in this program will ensure that your submission will be accepted by the review committee. The mentoring process is completely independent of the review process.

The mentor does not become a co-author. The mentor need not appear in the acknowledgments of an accepted submission, as mentoring is a private matter between mentor and submitter. In the Proceedings, we will have a page listing those who mentored to acknowledge their contribution, but acknowledgment is completely separate from an individual submission.

We have limited resources (volunteers) available, so mentors will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Act early, since the feedback given by the mentor may suggest extensive modifications to the submission, which cannot easily be done at the last minute. Mentoring is available to submitters in all participation categories covered in this Call for Participation.

1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
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