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Software and Business Process Technology

Volker Gruhn, Wilhelm Schäfer

The state-of-the-art technology in software process and business process technology and its exploitation in an industrial context includes languages, tools, and substrates (database and operating system functionality) being used to model, analyse, and execute business and software processes. The industrial context is based on building, using, and selling a complete workflow environment including tools for modelling, analyzing, and executing workflows. This environment called LEU (LION Environment) is used in various industrial sectors like real estate, software process, and insurance.

Dr. Volker Gruhn is chief technical officer of a German software house called LION since 1992. He is responsible for a software development department of 150 people.

Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer is professor of Computer Science at the University of Paderborn, Germany. Prior appointments have been at the University of Dortmund and McGill University in Montreal and a position in industry where he served as the head of an RD department of a medium-size software house focussing on CASE tools and information systems.

1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
Last modified: 10 May 1997