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The Experience Factory: How to Build and Run One

Victor Basili, Frank E. McGarry

This course presents the fundamental concepts behind software process and product improvement using measurement and evaluation in an Experience Factory Organization. It will provide a set of examples associated with understanding the software engineering process, product, and environment, improving it over time and packaging experience in the form of models and measures to create an experience base that can be reused by future projects. It discusses how this approach is being used in the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) at NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center and how it has been expanded to other NASA sites and to other production environments in private corporations such as Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

Victor Basili is a professor of computer science at the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Maryland at College Park, where he served as chairman for six years. His interests include quantitative approaches for software management, engineering, and quality assurance.

Frank E. McGarry is a senior member of the Executive Staff at Computer Sciences Corporation after having spent 28 years at NASA/ Goddard, where he headed the Software Engineering Branch.

1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
Last modified: 10 May 1997