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Simplifying the Evolution of Java Programs

Linda M. Seiter, Karl J. Lieberherr, Doug Orleans

An in-depth look at the ability of existing models and languages to support different forms of reuse and evolution. We present techniques for achieving dynamic behavior in a static, class-based model and language. We present the public-domain programming tool Demeter/Java, which implements a special kind of context object, called a visitor object. To enable the direct expression of visitor objects and to express traversal strategies for objects in Java, we present a simple, public domain, programming tool extension to Java (the Demeter/Java language) and show how it is translated back into Java. Programs become more flexible, both structurally and behaviorally - and also shorter.

Linda M. Seiter is a visiting professor at Boston College. Her current research interests include semantics of languages that support evolution and reuse.

Karl J. Lieberherr is a Professor in the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University. His current research interests are methods and tools for developing adaptable software for open systems, with special emphasis on adaptive software.

Doug Orleans is a PhD student at Northeastern University, and the principal architect of Demeter/Java.

1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
Last modified: 10 May 1997