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Reverse Engineering Strategies for Software Migration

Hausi A. Müller

The need to maintain and improve software and information systems has risen dramatically over the past decade. Dealing with old software systems that are billion-dollar assets to corporations and governments is a critical problem. Migrating and reengineering involves capturing, preserving, and extending knowledge about software, analyzing and understanding software, and finally changing, improving, and evolving software. Reverse engineering approaches have been particularly useful in the arena of reverse engineering:the process of generating new information about software.

Dr. Hausi Müller is a principal investigator of CSER (Consortium for Software Engineering Research), a Canadian, industry-lead Consortium sponsored by NSERC and NRC. His research interests include software evolution, software reverse engineering, software architecture, program understanding, software re-engineering, and maintenance. He served as Program Co-Chair for ICSM-94, CASE-95, and WPC-96. He is on the Editorial Board of IEEE TSE.

1997 International Conference on Software Engineering
Last modified: 10 May 1997