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Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR`97)
Saturday (begins 9am), Sunday, Monday, May 17-19: Hilton Hotel
The Symposium on Software Reusability is ACM's bi-annual forum, held in conjunction with the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), for the exchange of ideas, research and development results and experiences in all aspects of software reusability. SSR '97 invites you to participate in tutorials, keynotes, panels, and all aspects of the technical program. The technical program consists of paper presentations and panels on current topics in software reusability. Paper sessions include the latest developments in software architecture, domain analysis and engineering, object-oriented reuse, reuse on the Internet, and application generators and program transformation. The panels provide a chance for lively interaction with experts in the field. Contact: Guillermo Arango (

Living With Inconsistency
Saturday, May 17 (8:30am-6:00pm): Beacon E
In this workshop, we take a broader view. We are interested in living with inconsistency as part of doing requirements engineering. While some types of inconsistency can be detected and removed early on, other types may not even be noticable until a system is in production for months or years. Contact: Stephen Fickas (

Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems
Saturday (begins 8:30am) & Sunday, May 17-18: Fairfax B
Following up the success of PDSE96, which was held in conjunction with ICSE18 in Berlin, March 1996, the aim of PDSE '97 is to continue to provide a forum for exchange of information and publication of the latest technological and theoretical advances in software engineering for parallel and distributed systems. The workshop would focus on the problems that are unique to the software engineer developing parallel and distributed systems. Contact: Gul Agha, Stefano Russo (

Software Engineering on the World Wide Web
Monday, May 19 (9:00am-6:00pm): Clarendon
This workshop identifies near and midterm goals of how best to develop and use the World Wide Web for software engineering. Contact: David Eichmann (

Software Configuration Management (SCM7)
Sunday (begins 10:50am) & Monday, May 18-19: Dalton
SCM is the discipline of managing the evolution of families of software systems. It involves supporting the versioning, composition, and generation of all relevant software items, as well as controlling and supporting related systems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers, vendors and practitioners to discuss the state of the art in SCM as well as challenges for the future. Contact: Reidar Conradi (

Process Modelling and Empirical Studies of Software Evolution
Sunday, May 18 (9:00am-5:00pm): Commonwealth
Discussion and collaboration between researchers and practitioners in empirical process modelling studies of large-scale systems' development and evolution. Contact: Rachel Harrison (, Martin Sheppard, John W. Daly

Migration Strategies for Legacy Systems
Saturday, May 17 (9:00am-5:00pm): Beacon B
Improving the value of legacy systems is of high concern to organizations nowadays. The modernization of old software helps in gaining control of maintenance costs, in improving system performance, or in moving to a distributed and more efficient environment. Contact: Rene R. Klösch (

Fourth International Workshop on Software Engineering Education (IWSEE4)
Friday, May 23 (9:00am-5:00pm): Gardner
The purpose of the IWSEE series is to exchange experiences and discuss new ideas for teaching the difficult subject of software engineering among educators, students, and practitioners. Contact: Laurie Werth, John Werth (

ICSE 97 Doctoral Consortium
Monday, May 19 (8:00am-7:00pm): Independence East
A one-day workshop prior to the regular ICSE technical conference, the Doctoral Consortium's goal is to publicly discuss research goals,methods, and results at an early enough stage in Ph.D. research to provide useful guidance in completing the dissertation research and initiation of a research career. The consortium and ICSE will also provide an opportunity for student participants to interact with established researchers and others in the wider software engineering community. Contact: Michal Young (

The Second ISEW Cleanroom Workshop
The ISEW Cleanroom Workshop has been cancelled.

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