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FAQ for Student Volunteers

Please read this document.

Your primary job as a student volunteer is to help conference attendees, workshop organizers, tutorial instructors, session chairs, and conference organizers in any way possible. Being a student volunteer is a privilege and you will find that conference attendees will treat you with great respect and appreciation. In return we expect you to take your job seriously and to always try to have a positive, friendly attitude. We realize that you cannot possibly know the answer to every question that may be asked, but please familiarize yourself with the attached FAQ page and carry it with you at all times.

As a volunteer, there are certain benefits as well as constraints. In particular:

1) You may attend the receptions free of charge, but we ask that you refrain from the refreshments for the first 30 minutes to let the majority of the paid attendees access to the buffet tables, etc.

2) You may enjoy the morning and afternoon refreshments; refraining for the first 15 minutes of the break to allow the majority of the paid attendees access to the refreshment tables.

4) You will receive free (subject to availability) a conference proceedings and bag/mug/pen.

5) You will get to attend a tutorial or workshop of your choice for free, and receive a workshop proceedings or tutorial handout, subject to availability (after all paid attendees receive one).

What follows are brief descriptions of ICSE Student Volunteers Jobs.

General Responsibilities

1. During the conference you will need to report to the ICSE Office (by the registration desk) approximately one hour before the beginning of the activities that day. Your duties will end approximately one hour after the last scheduled activity that day.

2. During the day you may be assigned several jobs. In most instances we will try to match your interests with the activities that need to be accomplished.

Time Requirements

1. You should be prepared to work for at least 4 hour blocks of time. Those working the registration desk should be prepared to work a full 8 hour shift.

2. We will need all volunteers on Sunday, May 15 to prepare the conference site and prepare conference bags for attendees. Fewer volunteers will be needed towards the end of the week.

Registration Desk

1. Before starting, familiarize yourself with registration material and where bags, proceedings, etc. are located.

2. For pre-registered attendees, ask the attendee for name/identification.

3. Find the appropriate registration envelope (the envelopes are organized alphabetically).

4. Check the envelope contents and ask the attendee to check if everything is correct.

5. Give the attendee the appropriate conference material (e.g. bag, tutorial notes, proceedings, etc.).

6. Inform the attendee that they have a choice of badge holders (chord or clip-on) and give them the one they want (if there is a selection left).

7. If appropriate, inform the attendee that the ribbons have two-sided tape and that they can easily attach their ribbon to the badge holder.

8. Note: Registration staff will handle all non-pre-registered attendees and any registration problems.

Reception Helper

1. For the first hour of the reception, stand at the door and ask the attendee to show you their reception ticket.

Workshop Helper

1. Check to see if the room needs one of the conference supplied projectors rather than a hotel supplied projector. If so, “check one out” from the Conference office. You will also be responsible for bringing it back during lunch and after the workshop is over. (Unfortunately, we need to take this precaution because there have been AV thieves who like to steal projectors from conferences in the area.)

2. Look in the program and familiarize yourself with the workshop organizers’ names.

3. Make sure the sign outside the meeting room door is correct.

4. Introduce yourself to the organizers.

5. Check the attendees’ credentials.

6. Assist the workshop organizers in distributing materials and with any other matters required (e.g., making extra copies, getting a flipchart, any problems with the projector, etc.)

7. Note: If the room is too crowded call the registration desk and we will arrange for more tables/chairs.

8. Check the room after for any material that was left and bring it to the office if found.

9. Hand out and collect evaluation forms from each workshop.

Tutorial Helper

1. Same as Workshop Helper, except you need to be a little more careful checking attendee credentials.

2. Note: If we have run out of tutorial handouts, we will deliver them to the back of the room as soon as they become available, at which time you may help distribute them.

Banquet Helper

1. Collect tickets for lunches/banquets.

Conference Session Helper

1. Look in the program and familiarize yourself with the session chair’s name.

2. Make sure the sign outside the session room door is correct.

3. Introduce yourself to the session chair.

4. Assist the session chair with any other matters required (e.g., any problems with the projector, sound, etc.).

5. Check the room after for any material that was left and bring any found articles to the office.

6. Note: If this is a keynote session collect questions starting 30 minutes after the beginning of the talk. (Note: you will be given a small sign reading “questions” and you must walk up and down the aisle every 5-10 minutes looking for people to give you questions written on paper.) You should then bring the questions to the session chair.

General Office Helper

1. Prepare conference bags.

2. Organize material on exhibitor tables if necessary.

3. Put messages on message board.

4. Run errands as necessary.