International Conference
on Software Engineering®


The ICSE Steering Committee is responsible for constituting and guiding each edition of ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering® and for establishing and evaluating practices that are binding upon the organizers of each conference for the continued technical and financial success of ICSE.

ACM and IEEE–CS are co-sponsors of the ICSE and ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE TCSE represent their respective software engineering societies in the organization of the ICSE conference through their participation in the ICSE Steering Committee and through their review and approval of the budget for each conference.

To update the ICSE Steering Committee mailing list, please send a note to infodir_sigsoft@acm.org.

To update the icse-conferences.org website, please send a note to the icse-conferences.org webmaster at hausi@uvic.ca.

The table below lists the current ICSE Steering Committee members. Last Updated: July 2023

Name Affiliation Member Status
Rui Abreau University of Porto, Portugal ICSE 2024 GC
Mauricio Aniche TU Delft and Adyen ICSE 2024 SEIP
Lionel Briand University of Ottawa, Canada and University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg ICSE 2025 GC
Silvia Ceballos IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, USA
IEEE CS Conference Business Operations Manager
Daniela Damian
University of Victoria, Canada ICSE 2022 PC
Massimiliano Di Penta
University of Sannio, Italy ICSE 2023 PC
Arie van Duersen Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Steering Committee Chair ICSE 2021 PC
Matt Dwyer University of Virginia, USA ICSE 2022 GC
Sigrid Eldh Ericsson, Canada ICSE 2021 SEIP**
Brian Fitzgerald University of Limerick & Lero, Ireland ICSE 2027 GC
John Grundy Monash University, Australia ICSE 2023 GC
Mark Harman University College London, UK ICSE 2018 PC and ICSE 2022 SEIP
Natalia Juristo Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain ICSE 2021 GC**
Marcos Kalinowski Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ICSE 2026 GC
Rick Kazman University of Hawaii, USA 1st Past IEEE CS TCSE Chair
Tim Lethbridge University of Ottawa, Canada ICSE 2025 GC
Brookes Little IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, USA
IEEE CS Senior Manager, Communities & Technical Activities
Anna Liu Amazon Web Services, Australia ICSE 2023 SEIP
David Lo Singapore Management ICSE 2025 PC
Nenad Medvidovic University of Southern California, USA 1st Past ACM SIGSOFT Chair and ICSE 2011 PC
Mira Mezini Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany ICSE 2026 PC
Hausi A. Müller University of Victoria, Canada 2nd Past IEEE CS TCSE Chair and ICSE 2001 GC*
Nachi Nagappan Meta, USA ICSE 2024 SEIP
Ana C. R. Paiva University of Porto, Portugal ICSE 2024 GC
Corina Pasareanu NASA, USA ICSE 2025 PC
James Peeples ACM, New York, USA
ACM ICSE Meeting Planner
Lori Pollock University of Delaware, USA ICSE 2023 PC
Rafael Prikladnicki Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil ICSE 2026 GC
Abhik Roychoudhury National University of Singapore ICSE 2024 PC
Margaret-Anne Storey University of Victoria, Canada ICSE 2024 PC
Ladan Tahvildari University of Waterloo, Canada IEEE CS TCSE Chair
Will Tracz Lockheed Martin, USA (ret.) 2nd Past ACM SIGSOFT Chair*
Tao Xie Peking University, China ICSE 2021 PC**
Andreas Zeller Saarland University, Germany ICSE 2022 PC
Tom Zimmermann
Microsoft Research, USA ACM SIGSOFT Chair & ICSE 2026 PC
* — 2nd Past ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE CS TCSE Chairs will rotate off after next elections
** — ICSE 2021 members will rotate off the Steering Committee at the end of the meeting at ICSE 2024