ICSE 97 Technical Papers

Technical Papers Co-Chairs:
Alfonso Fuggetta, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Richard N. Taylor, UC Irvine (USA)

Papers describe innovative and significant work in the research and practice of Software Engineering. Papers are collected in an archival, refereed conference proceedings, published by ACM/IEEE, which is cited and read by researchers and practitioners world-wide. Accepted papers are presented at the ICSE conference, attended by hundreds of people. Having a paper on the technical program gives authors an opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the study and application of Software Engineering principles, theory, and techniques.

Paper submissions to ICSE are reviewed rigorously by the Program Committee, who are volunteers drawn from the international technical community of Software Engineering researchers and professionals. Because there is no revision cycle, the content and presentation of submitted papers must be essentially acceptable as received.


Abstract in electronic format (ASCII email): 2 August 1996.
Full paper due (6 copies, hard copy only): 9 August 1996.
5:00 p.m. (17:00) local time at receiving address.

Types of Papers

The Software Engineering community consists of researchers and professionals from many different disciplines and intellectual traditions. The paper review process tries to rigorously review all submissions in a manner that takes into account the different criteria from different parts of the community. For reviewers to do this effectively, they need an accurate assessment of the type of each paper they read. Please select a type of paper from the following list that best describes your submission and write it in the appropriate place on the Cover Page. If you feel that your submission does not fit any of these types, or if it seems to match more than one type description, please contact a Papers Co-Chair for help in best classifying your submission.

The three primary categories of papers are grouped into sets that will be published and identified separately in the conference proceedings.

Research Contributions

Theory Papers:
Theory Papers describe principles, concepts, or models on which work in Software Engineering might be based; authors of theoretical papers are expected to position their ideas within a broad context of Software Engineering frameworks and theories. Review criteria include the originality and soundness of the analysis provided, as well as the relevance of the theoretical content to Software Engineering practice and/or research.
Systems Papers:
Systems Papers describe novel technology for any aspect of software engineering. Review criteria include the originality and relevance of the system's architecture and behavior with respect to the existing state-of-the-art. Authors should be clear to what extent the system has been implemented and applied in practical circumstances.
Empirical Papers:
Empirical Papers describe the collection and interpretation of data concerning the use of software engineering methods, techniques, and tools. Data might include interviews, observations, surveys, or experimental manipulations. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection and analysis are welcome. Review criteria include the appropriateness and rationale for the methods of data collection and analysis, and the significance of the conclusions for practice or research in Software Engineering.

Experience Reports

Experience Papers describe the application of software engineering methods, theory or tools to the development of significant software products. Review criteria include the value of the reflections abstracted from the experience and their relevance to other designers or to researchers working on related methods, theory or tools.

Opinion Papers

Opinion papers present the author's well-supported opinion about some aspect of Software Engineering. Review criteria include the impact and quality of the argumentation, including the experience (research or practice) used to support the opinion. Authors of opinion papers are urged to contact one of the Papers Co-Chairs in advance of submitting a paper, to get feedback on their idea, since ICSE rarely accepts opinion papers.

Review Process

Each submitted paper will be reviewed by a group of at least three members of the program committee. Reviewer assignment will be done by matching the topic and focus of the paper with committee member expertise. The committee members will develop a summary review and recommendation for acceptance or rejection. Final decisions will be made at a program committee meeting, where the committee as a whole will review the recommendations and rationale made by committee members.

Note that in addition to considering the criteria outlined for each type of paper, all papers will be evaluated for overall quality of presentation: the problem and its context must be clearly described, including relation to prior work. It must also be clear from the presentation that a succinct (25-minute), high quality verbal presentation at the conference will be possible.

How to Submit

Electronic Submission of Title and Abstract (Required):
In addition to their appearance in the full, printed paper, the title and abstract of every submission must also be transmitted by email to icse-97-papers@ics.uci.edu by the deadline for abstracts shown above. The abstract must be plain text only (ASCII) - no markup languages, no binhex, no binary files.
Submission of Full Papers:
Submitted papers must appear in the standard Conference Proceedings format Papers may be no longer than 11 pages in the Conference Proceedings format, including references, appendices and figures. The full papers may not be submitted electronically; paper copies are required.

Upon Acceptance

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by the end of November 1996.

Accepted papers will be published in the ICSE 97 Conference Proceedings. The primary author of each accepted paper will receive an Author Kit with detailed instructions on how to submit the camera-ready copy. These materials are due on 24 February 1997.

Ground Rules

  1. Your submission must be in English.
  2. Electronic and fax submissions are not accepted.
  3. Submissions which arrive after the deadline will not be considered.
  4. Your submission should contain no proprietary or confidential material and should cite no proprietary or confidential publications. Your submission should not be a demonstration of a commercial product.
  5. Responsibility for permissions to use video, audio or pictures of identifiable people rests with you, not ICSE 97.
  6. If your submission is accepted, it will not be published without copyright release forms signed by the first-listed author or a representative of the first author's institution.
  7. We strongly suggest the use of express mail or a courier service, for speedy delivery. Customs labels should bear the words "Educational materials with no commercial value."


Please follow the steps in this checklist to ensure completeness of your submission.

  1. If you wish to request a mentor, please see the description of the mentoring program in the Invitation to Submit, and contact one of the Technical Program Co-Chairs no later than 15 May 1996.
  2. Read the Invitation To Submit.
  3. Fill out Cover Pages One and Two.
  4. Prepare your paper in the Conference Proceedings format. Papers must be no longer than 11 pages, including the text, figures, references, and appendices.
  5. Submit the title and abstract of your paper by email to the address given.
  6. Collect Cover Pages One and Two and the Paper, in the order given, in a packet, and make 6 copies of the packet. Use 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 paper.
  7. Make sure each copy of the packet is STAPLED, not loose or held by clips.
  8. You may include a self-addressed reply postcard which will be mailed to acknowledge receipt of your submission.
  9. Send the 6 copies of your submission packet and the reply postcard, to the Papers Co-Chair at the Send To address shown below.

Send To

Richard N. Taylor
Information and Computer Science
Room 444, Computer Science Building
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California, 92717-3425, USA

E-mail: icse-97-papers@ics.uci.edu

For more information

To contact the ICSE 97 Papers Co-Chairs, send e-mail to icse-97-papers@ics.uci.edu.
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