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Proceedings Publication Format

The Proceedings of ICSE represent the final archival records of the conference. For ICSE 2001, the proceedings will be produced by IEEE Computer Society Press. To give the book a high quality appearance we ask that authors follow the guidelines in their author kit.

Workshop position papers do not appear in the ICSE proceedings. Contact the workshop chair for the appropriate publication format to follow (if any). The ACM Press templates may be useful here since they are more consistent and easier to use.

IEEE Computer Society Press Author Kit

Authors of accepted papers for the proceedings should use the instructions emailed to them by IEEE Computer Society Press. You can also download a copy of these instructions here.

Be aware that the IEEE CS templates at their ftp site may not be fully compliant with these instructions. Follow these instructions carefully and not other generic versions. If you have questions, contact the production editor.

Author Kit
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Some browsers and their settings may require you to option- or alt-click the file links to download the files rather than viewing the files inline.

ACM Press Format

The guideline document itself can be downloaded and used as a basis for formatting your publication.

The guideline document is available in LaTeX2e, various Adobe FrameMaker, and various alternative Microsoft Word file formats for editing. For LaTeX2e, download both input files. For FrameMaker, download and use the .mif file. For Word, download and use the .doc file.

The document is also available in PostScript and PDF formats for viewing and/or printing. Use the PDF files as a guide to properly generated PDF for electronic submission.

(PDF files are typically generated by a separate tool from the PostScript files produced by a document or word processor. The PostScript files below are an intermediate step before the final PDF result to be actually submitted.)

Use US letter or 8.5" x 11" as the page size for your documents.

Format LaTeX2e FrameMaker 5 Word 97
Input Files publatex.tex
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Output Files publatex.ps
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Some browsers and their settings may require you to option- or alt-click the file links to download the files rather than viewing the files inline.

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