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Submission Information

Electronic Submission

Technical, case study, and education paper electronic submission. These submissions must conform to the proceedings publication format and be submitted as an Adobe Portable Document Format file. See the links in the table below for more specific submission details.

The submission deadlines are firm.


ICSE is the leading international forum for the exchange of ideas in software engineering. The conference features a number of coordinated events that aim to provide a comprehensive, informative program for software engineering professionals, researchers, managers, and students. ICSE 2001 invites you to contribute to its broad-based program. See also submission deadlines for important dates and contact information.

Contribution Purpose
Technical Papers To report on new work in the research and practice of software engineering.
Case Study
To provide in-depth description of industrial systems and experiences in building them.
Education Papers To report on software engineering education and training.
Collocated and Special
Event Proposals
To promote software engineering events occurring around the same week and location as ICSE.
To give short courses on software engineering practices, techniques, and theories.
To provide a setting for focused discussion of selected topics in a small group.
To discuss and debate issues of current interest to the software engineering community.
Doctoral Symposium
To provide a forum for Ph.D. students to present their research.
Formal Research
Demonstration Proposals
To describe and exhibit working systems or prototypes.
Poster and Informal Research
Demonstration Proposals
To present late-breaking results and ongoing work.
To demonstrate commercial technologies and provide recruitment opportunities.
To obtain recognition for supporting the premier conference in software engineering.
Student Volunteer
To provide an opportunity for students to associate with leaders in software engineering.


Topics of interest span the full range of software engineering issues, including those listed below:

  • CASE tools
  • Component-based software engineering
  • Computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and software engineering
  • Configuration management and version control
  • Design methods
  • Distributed and parallel systems
  • Environments: organization and integration principles, language-directed tools
  • Formal methods
  • Human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Hypermedia software engineering
  • Knowledge-based software engineering
  • Interoperability, heterogeneity, and mismatch
  • Measurement, metrics, and empirical methods
  • Object management support
  • Object-oriented technology
  • Patterns and frameworks
  • Program and system analysis techniques
  • Programming languages and software engineering
  • Program transformation
  • Quality assurance
  • Reliability
  • Reverse engineering
  • Requirements engineering
  • Reuse
  • Risks
  • Safety and security
  • Software architecture
  • Software documentation
  • Software economics
  • Software evolution
  • Software maintenance
  • Software process, process management, and process improvement
  • Software project management
  • Standards, legal, and ethical issues
  • Software technology transfer and education
  • Systems design
  • Testing, analysis, and verification
  • Web-based tools, systems, and environments

For Contributors

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