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Also in the exhibits area are posters and casual demonstrations of systems from the formal research demonstration track.


Exhibits Floor Plan


R Artech House Publishers
S Pearson PTR Canada
T Springer Verlag
U Kluwer Academic Publishers
V John Wiley & Sons
W Elsevier Science
X Cambridge University Press


B IBM (MQSeries)
C IBM (VisualAge Java)
G Neuma
H KLOCwork Solutions
K Semantic Designs
N Rational Software
O ACD Systems
  Alberta Software Engineering Research Consortium

Formal Research Demonstrations

These systems are also scheduled to be presented in a formal research demonstration track.

D Hyper/J™: Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns for Java™
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
E Maintenance Support Tools for Java Programs: CCFinder and JAAT
Osaka University, Japan
F Using OCL-Queries for Debugging C++
Clemson University, USA
I jMOCHA: A Model Checking Tool that Exploits Design Structure
University of Pennsylvania, USA and
University of California, Berkeley, USA
J Architecture-Oriented Programming Using FRED
Tampere University of Technology, Finland and
University of Helsinki, Finland
L Babel: Representing Business Rules in XML for Application Integration
University of Alberta, Canada
M Model Processing Tools in UML
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
P CodeWeb: Data Mining Library Reuse Patterns
University of New South Wales, Australia
Q Holmes: An Intelligent System to Support Software Product Line Development
University of Alberta, Canada

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