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International Conference on Software Engineering
Orlando, Florida, USA
May 19-25, 2002

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ICSE 2002 Technical Paper Presentations

S3.1: Requirements Engineering

Agent-Based Tactics for Goal-Oriented Requirements Elaboration
Emmanuel Letier, Axel van Lamsweerde (Université catholique de Louvain)

Requirements, Domain and Specifications: A Viewpoint-based Approach to Requirements Engineering
Andrés Silva (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

Detection of Conflicting Functional Requirements in a Use Case-Driven Approach
Jan Hendrik Hausmann, Reiko Hecke, Gabi Taentzer (University of Paderborn)

S3.2: Software Testing

A History-Based Test Prioritization Technique for Regression Testing in Resource Constrained Environments
Jung-Min Kim, Adam Porter (University of Maryland, College Park)

The Impact of Test Suite Granularity on the Cost-Effectiveness of Regression Testing
Gregg Rothermel (Oregon State University), Sebastian Elbaum (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Alexey G. Malishevsky (Oregon State University), Praveen Kallakuri (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Brian Davia (Oregon State University)

Automated Test Case Generation for Spreadsheets
Marc Fisher II, Mingming Cao, Gregg Rothermel, Curtis R. Cook, Margaret M. Burnett (Oregon State University)

S3.3: Software Process

Deriving Executable Process Descriptions from UML
Elisabetta Di Nitto, Luigi Lavazza, Marco Schiavoni, Emma Tracanella, Michele Trombetta (Politecnico di Milano)

Verification Support for Workflow Design with UML Activity Graphs
Rik Eshuis, Roel Wieringa (University of Twente)

Progressive Open Source
Jamie Dinkelacker, Pankaj K. Garg, Rob Miller, Dean Nelson (Hewlett-Packard Company)

S4.1: Architecture and Implementation

ArchJava: Connecting Software Architecture to Implementation
Jonathan Aldrich, Craig Chambers, David Notkin (University of Washington)

Mixin'Up Components
Vugranam C. Sreedhar (IBM TJ Watson Research Center)

Static and Dynamic Structure in Design Patterns
Eric Eide, Alastair Reid, John Regehr, Jay Lepreau (University of Utah)

S4.2: Software Evaluation

Goal-Oriented Software Assessment
David M. Weiss, David Bennett, John Y. Payseur, Pat Tendick, Ping Zhang (Avaya Labs Research)

Security Attribute Evaluation Method: A Cost-Benefit Approach
Shawn A. Butler (Carnegie Mellon University)

An Empirical Evaluation of Fault-Proneness Models
Giovanni Denaro (Politecnico di Milano), Mauro Pezzè (Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca)

S6.1: Software Specification

PROPEL: An Approach Supporting Property Elucidation
Rachel L. Smith, George S. Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Leon J. Osterweil (University of Massachusetts)

Performance-Related Completions for Software Specifications
Murray Woodside, Dorin Petriu, Khalid Siddiqui (Carleton University)

Investigating the Readability of State-Based Formal Requirements Specification Languages
Marc K. Zimmerman, Kristina Lundqvist, Nancy Leveson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

S6.2: Empirical Methods

Further Investigations into the Development and Evaluation of Reading Techniques for Object-Oriented Code Inspection
Alastair Dunsmore, Marc Roper, Murray Wood (University of Strathclyde)

Empirical Interval Estimates for the Defect Content After an Inspection
Frank Padberg (Universität Karlsruhe

Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Process Improvement: The Rise and Fall of the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory
Victor R. Basili (Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, University of Maryland), Frank E. McGarry (Computer Sciences Corporation), Rose Pajerski (Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering), Marvin V. Zelkowitz (Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, University of Maryland)

S7.1: Software Architecture

Building Product Populations with Software Components
Rob van Ommering (Philips Research Laboratories)

An Infrastructure for the Rapid Development of XML-Based Architecture Description Languages
Eric M. Dashofy, André van der Hoek, Richard N. Taylor (University of California, Irvine)

Advanced Control Flows for Flexible Graphical User Interfaces
Paul T. Graunke (Northeastern University), Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University)

S7.2: Dynamic Program Analysis

Tracking Down Software Bugs Using Automatic Anomaly Detection
Sudheendra Hangal (Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.), Monica S. Lam (Stanford University)

Semantic Anomaly Detection in Online Data Sources
Orna Raz, Philip Koopman, Mary Shaw (Carnegie Mellon University)

Role-Based Exploration of Object-Oriented Programs
Brian Demsky, Martin Rinard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

S8.1: Design Recovery

Browsing and Searching Source Code of Applications written using a GUI Framework
Amir Michail (University of New South Wales)

Towards Pattern-Based Design Recovery
Jörg Niere, Wilhelm Schäfer, Jörg P. Wadsack, Lothar Wendehals (University of Paderborn), Jim Welsh (The University of Queensland)

Architecture Recovery of Web Applications
Ahmed E. Hassan, Richard C. Holt (University of Waterloo)

S8.2: Mobile and Distributed Computing

Network Abstractions for Context-Aware Mobile Computing
Gruia-Catalin Roman, Christine Julien, Qingfeng Huang (Washington University)

A Programming Model and System Support for Disconnected-Aware Applications on Resource-Constrained Devices
Yaron Weinsberg, Israel Ben-Shaul (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

A Dynamic Pair-Program Sending Architecture for Industrial Remote Operations
Takeshi Inoue, Yasutaka Hino, Kouji Hayashi, Masanori Narukawa (Yokogawa Electric Corporation)

S10.1: Software Maintenance

Reporting about Industrial Strength Software Engineering Courses for Undergraduates
Matthias Gehrke, Holger Giese, Ulrich A. Nickel, Jörg Niere, Matthias Tichy , Jörg P. Wadsack (University of Paderborn), Albert Zündorf (Technical University of Braunschweig)

Concern Graphs: Finding and Describing Concerns Using Structural Program Dependencies
Martin P. Robillard, Gail C. Murphy (University of British Columbia)

Evolving Legacy System Features into Fine-Grained Components
Alok Mehta (American Financial Systems, Inc.), George T. Heineman (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

S10.2: Concurrency

Software Model Checking in Practice: An Industrial Case Study
Satish Chandra, Patrice Godefroid, Christopher Palm (Lucent Technologies)

Invariant-Based Specification, Synthesis, and Verification of Synchronization in Concurrent Programs
Xianghua Deng, Matthew B. Dwyer, John Hatcliff, Masaaki Mizuno (Kansas State University)

Assuring and Evolving Concurrent Programs: Annotations and Policy
Aaron Greenhouse, William L. Scherlis (Carnegie Mellon University)

S11.1: Program Analysis

Visualization of Test Information to Assist Fault Localization
James A. Jones, Mary Jean Harrold, John Stasko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Efficient Path Conditions in Dependence Graphs
Torsten Robschink, Gregor Snelting (Universität Passau)

Specifying Multithreaded Java Semantics for Program Verification
Abhik Roychoudhury, Tulika Mitra (National University of Singapore)

S11.2: Software Presentation

Expertise Browser: A Quantitative Approach to Identifying Expertise
Audris Mockus, James D.Herbsleb (Bell Laboratories)

Supporting Reuse by Delivering Task-Relevant and Personalized Information
Yunwen Ye, Gerhard Fischer (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Towards Large-Scale Information Integration
Kenneth M. Anderson, Susanne A. Sherba, William V. Lepthien (University of Colorado, Boulder)

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