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Doctoral Symposium Applications


October 16, 2000 for doctoral symposium applications.
December 1, 2000 for notification.
February 1, 2001 for final copy of research summary.


The doctoral symposium is a forum for Ph.D. students to present and discuss their research objectives, methods, and preliminary results at an early enough stage to allow useful guidance in completing their dissertation and initiating research careers. Students will interact with and receive useful guidance from established researchers and other attendees in the broad software engineering community.


Student participants should consider participating in the doctoral symposium at least six months before completion of their dissertation, but after having settled on a research area or thesis topic.

Review Process

The doctoral symposium committee will review an application package submitted by each prospective student participant. The committee will select participants based on their anticipated contribution to the symposium goals. Among the review criteria are:

  • the potential quality of the research and its relevance to software engineering;
  • the stage of the research;
  • the diversity of background, research topic, and approach.

How to Submit

In brief, an application consists of three required parts:

  1. student contact information;
  2. a dissertation research abstract (three to five pages) outlining the technical problem, proposed solution, expected contributions, method of evaluation, and related work;
  3. a separate letter of recommendation from the student's advisor that includes a detailed assessment of the progress of the dissertation research.

The format of applications may be:

Submit proposals via e-mail to the address below.

Acceptance Notification

December 1, 2000 for notification.

Each accepted participant will have two pages for a summary of the research abstract in the conference proceedings. This summary must conform to the proceedings publication format. The final camera-ready copy and signed copyright release form are due February 1, 2001.

Accepted participants will receive partial reimbursement for conference-related expenses.

Send To

Mary Lou Soffa

Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh
307 Mineral Industries Building
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Voice: +1-412-624-8425
Fax: +1-412-624-5249
E-mail: soffa@cs.pitt.edu

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