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International Conference on Software Engineering
Orlando, Florida, USA
May 19-25, 2002

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Friday, 24 May 2002

Time Crystal J Crystal D-F Crystal A-C Crystal H
09:00 - 10:30       S9 Keynote: "Living With COTS" by Bob Balzer, Chief Technical Officer, Director, Distributed Systems Group, Teknowledge Corporation
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30 S10.1 Papers: Software Maintenance

Reporting about Industrial Strength Software Engineering Courses for Undergraduates
Matthias Gehrke, Holger Giese, Ulrich A. Nickel, Jörg Niere, Matthias Tichy , Jörg P. Wadsack (University of Paderborn), Albert Zündorf (Technical University of Braunschweig)

Concern Graphs: Finding and Describing Concerns Using Structural Program Dependencies
Martin P. Robillard, Gail C. Murphy (University of British Columbia)

Evolving Legacy System Features into Fine-Grained Components
Alok Mehta (American Financial Systems, Inc.), George T. Heineman (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

S10.2 Papers: Concurrency

Software Model Checking in Practice: An Industrial Case Study
Satish Chandra, Patrice Godefroid, Christopher Palm (Lucent Technologies)

Invariant-Based Specification, Synthesis, and Verification of Synchronization in Concurrent Programs
Xianghua Deng, Matthew B. Dwyer, John Hatcliff, Masaaki Mizuno (Kansas State University)

Assuring and Evolving Concurrent Programs: Annotations and Policy
Aaron Greenhouse, William L. Scherlis (Carnegie Mellon University)

S10.3 Impact: Configuration Management

Session Chair: Jacky Estublier, Grenoble University

10.4 Industry: Product Lines

Experiences in Assessing Product Family Software Architecture for Evolution
Alessandro Maccari (Nokia Research Center)

A Comprehensive Product Line Scoping Approach and its Validation
Klaus Schmid (Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering)

Integrating Hundreds of Products through One Architecture — The Industrial IT Architecture
Lars G. Bratthall, Robert van der Geest (ABB Corporate Research), Holger Hofmann (ABB Forschungszentrum), Edgar Jellum, Zbigniew Korendo, Robert Martinez, Michal Orkisz (ABB Corporate Research), Christian Zeidler (ABB Forschungszentrum), Johan S. Andersson (ABB Automation Products)

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:30 S11.1 Papers: Program Analysis

Visualization of Test Information to Assist Fault Localization
James A. Jones, Mary Jean Harrold, John Stasko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Efficient Path Conditions in Dependence Graphs
Torsten Robschink, Gregor Snelting (Universität Passau)

Specifying Multithreaded Java Semantics for Program Verification
Abhik Roychoudhury, Tulika Mitra (National University of Singapore)

S11.2 Papers: Software Presentation

Expertise Browser: A Quantitative Approach to Identifying Expertise
Audris Mockus, James D.Herbsleb (Bell Laboratories)

Supporting Reuse by Delivering Task-Relevant and Personalized Information
Yunwen Ye, Gerhard Fischer (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Towards Large-Scale Information Integration
Kenneth M. Anderson, Susanne A. Sherba, William V. Lepthien (University of Colorado, Boulder)

S11.4 Industry: Technology Trends

Recognizing and Responding to "Bad Smells" in Extreme Programming
Amr Elssamadisy, Gregory Schalliol (ThoughtWorks, Inc.)

Building Enterprise Portals: Principles to Practice
Tushar K. Hazra (EpitomiOne Incorporated)

Brazilian Software Quality in 2002
Kival Chaves Weber (SOFTEX - Society for the Promotion of Excellence in Brazilian Software), Celia Joseli do Nascimento (MCT/SEPIN)

S11.3 Panel: Impact

Chair: Leon J. Osterweil, University of Massachusetts

15:30 - 15:45 Short Break
15:45 - 16:30       S12 Plenary: Closing Session

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