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Doctoral Symposium
Tuesday - 17 May 2005
St. Louis Ballroom B

Support from the National Science Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.

The Doctoral Symposium is a forum for Ph.D. students to discuss their research goals, methods, and results at an early stage in their research. The Symposium aims to provide useful guidance for completion of the dissertation research and initiation of a research career.

The event itself is closed to the public, however we are pleased to share an overview here.

Oral Presentations
17 May - All Day
St. Louis Ballroom B [Floor Plan]
> Agile Software Reuse Recommender
Frank McCarey, University College Dublin
> Emergent Process Design
Olga Jaufman, Daimler Chrysler
> Empirical Validation of Pair Programming
Corrado Aaron Visaggio, University of Sannio
> Self-Healing Web Service Compositions
Sam Guinea, DEI - Politecnico di Milano
> Test Factoring: Focusing Test Suites for the Task at Hand
David Saff, MIT
> Assurance Patterns for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems
Sascha Konrad, Michigan State University
> Knowledge-Based Architectural Adaptation Management for Self-Adaptive Systems
John Georgas, Univ. of California
> Automatic Generation of Rule-based Software Configuration Management Systems
Guozheng Ge and E. J. Whitehead, Jr., UC Santa Cruz
> Design Mentoring based on Design Evolution Analysis
Zhenchang Xing, Univ. of Alberta


Poster Presentations
17 May - All Day
St. Louis Ballroom B [Floor Plan]
> A Model for Automatic Software Process Transformation
Yucong Duan, Chinese Academy of Sciences
> Empirical Diagnosis of Risky Software Projects by Bayesian Classifer
Sousuke Amasaki, Osaka University
> Semantic API Framework
Sunghun Kim, UC Santa Cruz
> An Investigation of Program Slice Encoding and its Applications
Kai Pan, UC Santa Cruz
> Extraction of LTS Models from Java Source Code Combining Static and Dynamic Information
Lucio Duarte, Imperial College London
> Cost-effective Techniques for User-session-based Testing of Web Applications
Sreedevi Sampath, University of Delaware
> Aspect Mining to Generate Views that Aid Software Developers
David Shepherd, University of Delaware
> SODA: A Stability-Oriented Domain Analysis Method
Haitham Hamza, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
> Supporting Software Development in Large Scale and Highly Dynamic Environments
Paolo Costa, Politecnico di Milano
> Requirements-Based Test Case Prioritization
Hema Srikanth, North Carolina State University
> Automatically Inferring Temporal Properties
Jinlin Yang, University of Virginia
> Cost-effective, Software Architecture-based Self-adaptation
Shang-Wen Cheng, Carnegie Mellon University