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Aspect-Oriented Software Development
18 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Harold Ossher

> Aspect-Oriented Programming and Modular Reasoning
Gregor Kiczales and Mira Mezini
> Classpects: Unifying Aspect- and Object-Oriented Language Design
Hridesh Rajan and Kevin Sullivan
> Towards Aspect Weaving Applications
Carine Courbis and Anthony Finkelstein


18 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Mary Lou Soffa

> Testing Database Transactions with AGENDA
Yuetang Deng, Phyllis Frankl, and David Chays
> SQL DOM: Compile Time Checking of Dynamic SQL Statements
Russell McClure and Ingolf Krüger
> Safe Query Objects: Statically Typed Objects as Remotely Executable Queries
William Cook and Siddhartha Rai


Tools & Environments
18 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Leon Osterweil

> Helping Users Avoid Bugs in GUI Applications
Amir Michail and Tao Xie
> Using Structural Context to Recommend Source Code Examples
Reid Holmes and Gail Murphy
> Eliciting Design Requirements for Maintenance-Oriented IDEs: A Detailed Study of Corrective and Perfective Maintenance Tasks
Andrew Ko, Htet Htet Aung, and Brad Myers


Testing & Analysis
18 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Sebastian Uchitel

> Automatic Generation and Maintenance of Correct Spreadsheets
Martin Erwig, Robin Abraham, Irene Cooperstein, and Steve Kollmansberger
> A Framework of Greedy Methods for Constructing Interaction Test Suites
Renee Turban, Charles Colbourn, and Myra Cohen
> Demand-Driven Structural Testing with Dynamic Instrumentation
Jonathan Misurda, James Clause, Juliya Reed, Bruce Childers, and Mary Lou Soffa


Programming Languages
18 May @ 4:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Carlo Ghezzi

> An Adaptive Object Model with Dynamic Role Binding
Tetsuo Tamai, Naoyasu Ubayashi, and Ryoichi Ichiyama
> Data Structure Repair Using Goal-Directed Reasoning
Brian Demsky and Martin Rinard
> Verifying Safety Policies with Size Properties and Alias Controls
Wei-Ngan Chin, Siau-Cheng Khoo, Shengchao Qin, Corneliu Popeea, and Huu Hai Nguyen


Change Management
18 May @ 4:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Amy Murphy

> Verification and Change Impact Analysis of Access-Control Policies
Kathi Fisler, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Leo Meyerovich, and Michael Tschantz
> Explicit Assumptions enrich Architectural Models
Patricia Lago and Hans van Vliet
> An Infrastructure for Development of Object-Oriented, Multi-level Configuration Management Services
Tien Nguyen, Ethan Munson, John Boyland, and Cheng Thao


Software Quality and Process
19 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: George Heineman

> Predictors of Customer Perceived Software Quality
Audris Mockus, Ping Zhang, and Paul Li
> Automated Support for Process-aware Definition and Execution of Measurement Plans
Luigi Lavazza and Giancarlo Barresi
> A Quality-Driven Systematic Approach for Architecting Distributed Software Applications
Tariq Al-Naeem, Ian Gorton, Muhammed Ali Babar, Fethi Rabhi, and Boualem Benatallah


Software Evolution
19 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: André van der Hoek

> Object Naming Analysis for Reverse-Engineered Sequence Diagrams
Atanas Rountev and Harkness Connell
> Binary Refactoring: Improving Code Behind the Scenes
Eli Tilevich and Yannis Smaragdakis
> CATCHUP! Capturing and Replaying Refactorings to Support API Evolution
Johannes Henkel and Amer Diwan


Empirical Software Engineering
19 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Alistair Sutcliffe

> Use of Relative Code Churn Measures to Predict System Defect Density
Nachiappan Nagappan and Thomas Ball
> Main Effects Screening: A Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance Process for Monitoring Performance Degradation in Evolving Software Systems
Cemal Yilmaz, Arvind Krishna, Atif Memon, Adam Porter, Douglas Schmidt, and Aniruddha Gokhale
> Effort Estimation of Use Cases for Incremental Large-Scale Software Development
Parastoo Mohagheghi, Bente Anda, and Reidar Conradi


19 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Constance Heitmeyer

> Automatic Discovery of API-Level Exploits
Vinod Ganapathy, Sanjit Seshia, Somesh Jha, Thomas Reps, and Randal Bryant
> Sound Methods and Effective Tools for Model-based Security Engineering with UML
Jan Jürjens
> Improving Software Security with a C Pointer Analysis
Dzintars Avots, Michael Dalton, V. Benjamin Livshits, and Monica Lam


Fault Localization
19 May @ 4:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: George Avrunin

> Locating Causes of Program Failures
Holger Cleve and Andreas Zeller
> An Empirical Study of Fault Localization for End-User Programmers
Joseph Ruthruff, Margaret Burnett, and Gregg Rothermel


Requirements and Specifications
20 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Anthony Finkelstein

> Goal Centric Traceability for Managing Non-Functional Requirements
Jane Cleland-Huang, Raffaella Settimi, Oussama BenKhadra, Eugenia Berezhanskaya, and Selvia Christina
> Real-time Specification Patterns
Sascha Konrad and Betty Cheng
> Monitoring and Control in Scenario-Based Requirements Analysis
Emmanuel Letier, Jeff Kramer, Jeff Magee, and Sebastian Uchitel


Empirical Evaluation of Testing
20 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: S. C. Cheung

> One Evaluation of Model-Based Testing and its Automation
Alexander Pretschner, Wolfgang Prenninger, Stefan Wagner, Christian Kuehnel, Martin Baumgartner, and Bernd Sostawa
> Is Mutation an Appropriate Tool for Testing Experiments?
James Andrews, Lionel Briand, and Yvan Labiche
> An Empirical Evaluation of Test Case Filtering Techniques Based On Exercising Complex Information Flows
David Leon, Wes Masri, and Andy Podgurski


Static and Dynamic Analysis
20 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom D [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Mats Heimdahl

> Check 'n Crash: Combining Static Checking and Testing
Christoph Csallner and Yannis Smaragdakis
> Efficient and Precise Dynamic Impact Analysis Using Execute-After Sequences
Taweesup Apiwattanapong, Alessandro Orso, and Mary Jean Harrold
> DynAlloy: Upgrading Alloy with Actions
Marcelo Frias, Juan Galeotti, Carlos Lopez Pombo, and Nazareno Aguirre


Empirical Studies
20 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Juan Fernandez Ramil

> Beyond Templates: a Study of Clones in the STL and Some General Implications
Hamid Abdul Basit, Damith Chatura Rajapakse, and Stan Jarzabek
> The Value of a Usability-Supporting Architectural Pattern in Software Architecture Design: A Controlled Experiment
Elspeth Golden, Bonnie John, and Len Bass
> Experimental Context Classification: Incentives and Experience of Subjects
Martin Host, Claes Wohlin, and Thomas Thelin

St. Louis Ballroom E [Floor Plan]