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Agile Methods
18 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Suzanne Robertson

> A Cross-Program Investigation of Students' Perceptions of Agile Methods
Grigori Melnik and Frank Maurer
> Requirements Interaction Management in an eXtreme Programming Environment: A Case Study
Denise Woit
> A Multiple Case Study on the Impact of Pair Programming on Product Quality
Hanna Hulkko and Pekka Abrahamsson


Software Architectures
18 May @ 4:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Mikio Aoyama

> Re-Engineering Software Architecture of Home Service Robots: A Case Study
Moonzoo Kim, Jaejoon Lee, Kyo Kang, Youngjin Hong, and Seokwon Bang
> Tool Support for Just-in-Time Architecture Reconstruction and Evaluation: An Experience Report
Ian Gorton and Liming Zhu


Requirements & Testing
19 May @ 2:30 PM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Stefania Gnesi

> Developing Use Cases and Scenarios in the Requirements Process
Neil Maiden and Suzanne Robertson
> Observations and Lessons Learned from Automated Testing
Stefan Berner, Roland Weber, Rudolf K. Keller


Product Lines & Processes
19 May @ 4:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Tom Ball

> Global Software Development at Siemens: Experience from Nine Projects
James Herbsleb, Daniel Paulish, and Matthew Bass
> Five Years of Product Line Engineering in a Small Company
Martin Verlage and Thomas Kiesgen
> Introducing the PuLSE Approach to an Embedded System Population at Testo AG
Klaus Schmid, Isabel John, Ronny Kolb and Gerald Meier


Prediction & Verification
20 May @ 2:00 PM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Klaus Pohl

> Static Analysis Tools as Early Indicators of Pre-Release Defect Density
Nachiappan Nagappan and Thomas Ball
> Validation Methods for Calibrating Software Effort Models
Tim Menzies, Daniel Port, Zhihao Chen, Jairus Hihn, and Sherry Stukes
> A Case Study on the Automated Verification of Groupware Protocols
Maurice H. ter Beek, Mieke Massink, Diego Latella, Stefania Gnesi, Alessandro Forghieri, and Maurizio Sebastianis