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Foundations of Empirical Software Engineering
Legacy of Victor R. Basili

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Date: Monday - 16 May

Organizers: Barry Boehm, Dieter Rombach & Marvin Zelkowitz

Rose Garden Room [Floor Plan]

Although software engineering can trace its beginning to a NATO conference in 1968, it cannot be said to have become an empirical science until the 1970s with the advent of work of Professor Victor R. Basili of the University of Maryland. In addition to the need for engineering software was the need to understand software as well as its developing processes, techniques, methods and tools. Much like other sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, software engineering needed a discipline of observation, theory formation, experimentation and feedback. By applying the scientific method to the software engineering domain, Vic Basili developed concepts like the Goal-Question-Metric method, the Quality-Improvement paradigm, and the Experience-Factory approach to help bring a sense of order to the ad-hoc development so prevalent in the software engineering field.

On the occasion of Vic Basili’s 65th birthday, we hold this symposium summarizing and reflecting on his collected work. In six sessions we will cover his contributions to the following areas of software engineering research

> Formal languages & formal methods
> Measurement
> Software Engineering Laboratory
> Learning organizations & experience factory
> Technical developments and empirical studies
> Experience bases

Each session will be summarized by a leading expert who has worked with Vic Basili in the past. This collected body of work has incrementally led to the establishment of the discipline of “experimental software engineering”. In that the symposium will be interesting to people who have followed Vic Basili’s work more or less closely in the past, but also to young researchers who can learn from his profound and thorough research methods in order to model their own careers.

Registration for the event will be handled through the ICSE registration. Included in the registration fee ($120) you will receive a copy of the book published by Springer Verlag which includes reprints of milestone papers and summaries w.r.t. all sessions.


09:00 Welcome, Introduction, & Summary of Vic Basili's Biography Barry Boehm USC
Technical Presentations (Chair: Dieter Rombach, U. of Kaiserslautern and Fraunhofer Institute of Experimental Software Engineering)
09:45 Session 1 - Formal languages & formal methods Ali Mili New Jersey Institute of Technology
10:30 BREAK    
11:00 Session 2 - Measurement Lionel Briand Carleton U
11:45 Session 3 - Software Engineering Laboratory Michael A. Cusumano MIT
12:30 LUNCH    
14:00 Session 4 - Learning Organization & Experience Factory Jyrki Kontio Helsinki University of Technology
14:45 Session 5 - Technical Development & Empirical Studies Forrest Shull Fraunhofer Center Maryland
15:30 BREAK    
16:00 Session 6 - Experience Bases Ross Jeffery U. of New South Wales
16:45 Response of Vic Basili: Current Research, Q&A & Closing Victor Basili U. of Maryland
18:30 Dinner at a nearby restaurant, graciously funded by several corporate contributors for all symposium attendees.