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Core Issues of Software Engineering Education
18 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Paola Inverardi and Mehdi Jazayeri

> Deciding What to Design: Closing a Gap in Software Engineering Education
Mary Shaw, Jim Herbsleb, and Ipek Ozkaya
> How to Teach Software Modeling
Tetsuo Tamai
> Software Test Program: A Software Residency Experience
Augusto Sampaio, Carlos Albuquerque, J. Vasconcelos, Luckerson Cruz, Luis Figueiredo, and Sergio Cavalcante
> Enriching Software Engineering Courses with Service-Learning Projects and the Open-Source Approach
Chang Liu
> Do Students Recognize Ambiguity in Software Design? A Multi-national, Multi-institutional Report
Ken Blaha, Alvaro Monge, Dean Sanders, Beth Simon, and Tammy VanDeGrift
> The Groupthink Specification Exercise
Michael Ernst and John Chapin
> Will Earlier Projects Plus a Disciplined Process Enforce SE Principles Throughout the CS Curriculum?
Linda Sherrell and Sajjan Shiva


State of the Art & Practice
19 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Paola Inverardi and Mehdi Jazayeri

> Some Myths of Software Engineering Education
Hans van Vliet
> Software Engineering 2004: ACM/IEEE-CS Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Software Engineering
Joanne M. Atlee, Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr., Timothy C. Lethbridge, A. Sobel, and J. Barrie Thompson
> Towards Increasing the Compatibility of Student Pair Programmers
Neha Katira, Laurie Williams, and Jason Osborne
> Using Peer Reviews in Teaching Framework Development
Amir Zeid and Moemen Elswidi
> Process Issues in Course Projects
Wilson Paula Filho
> Towards an Effective Software Engineering Course Project
Zakarya Alzamil
> Conducting Empirical Software Engineering Research in Nigeria: The Posing Problems
Olalekan Akinola


Challenges & Future Directions
20 May @ 11:00 AM

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]
Session Chair: Paola Inverardi and Mehdi Jazayeri

> The Making of a Software Engineer: Challenges for the Educator
Clemens Szyperski
> The Challenges of Software Engineering Education
Carlo Ghezzi and Dino Mandrioli
> Information Systems Development at the Virtual Global University: An Experience Report
Victor Pankratius and Wolffried Stucky
> A B.S. Degree in Informatics: Contextualizing Software Engineering Education
Andre van der Hoek, David Kay, and Debra Richardson
> Software Engineering Education in the Era of Outsourcing, Distributed Development, and Open Source Software: Challenges and Opportunities
Matthew Hawthorne and Dewayne Perry
> The Role of a Project-Based Capstone Course
Yael Dubinsky and Orit Hazzan
> Teaching Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Orit Hazzan and Jim Tomayko
> On the Education of Future Software Engineers
Paolo Ciancarini

St. Louis Ballroom C [Floor Plan]